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Celebrating the Legacy of Azerbaijani Composer - Uzeyir Hajibeyov

Azerbaijanis credit Uzeyir Hajibeyov as the "Father of Composed Classical Music in Azerbaijan", since he established the direction that defines contemporary music today. Hajibeyov gave Azerbaijanis an enormous national and cultural legacy which epitomises and defines much of their national identity today - an enormously rich synthesis of East and West, and an unmistakable blend of the traditional and modern as well.

Hajibeyov did this primarily in two ways: first, by insisting that traditional modal music could, and should, be transcribed and written down as notes (instead of simply being performed as improvisation); and secondly, by fusing Eastern traditional elements (melodies, modes and the use of instruments like the tar, saz, kamancha and zurna) with Western genres such as opera, symphonic orchestra, cantatas, chamber and choral music. What emerged was a unique synthesis of sound that can be recognized as distinctly Azerbaijani.

Azerbaijanis marvel that one person accomplished so much in a single life time—composer, educator, publicist, satirist, statesman and administrator. And the more we research his life, the more we agree. We love Hajibeyov's music. We hope you'll enjoy our Web site and tell your friends, especially those who may not yet be familiar with his music. We hope the world will come to know him both as a composer of genius and as a compassionate, concerned human being.

In the future, we hope to continue to "grow" this web site. We'd like to add as many major works - operas, musicals, cantatas, choral works, orchestral, chamber and piano works as possible along with supportive written material. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please write us and share your impressions and insight.

Betty Blair, Editor November 2001
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